Exotic Pet Care

You can't just take your bird, lizard, or other exotic pet into any veterinary office and expect them to see you. Many veterinarians are not familiar with the anatomy of exotic pets and are not equipped to provide your beloved pet with the necessary care. At Desert East Animal Hospital, we care for all kinds of animals. Our veterinarian has years of experience providing residents of El Paso, TX, and the surrounding areas with reliable exotic pet care. We know how to make these unique animals comfortable and provide them with the most pleasant veterinary experience possible.


Your Exotic Pet Will Feel at Home

It can be difficult finding a veterinarian who can handle exotic pets. Because the vast majority of pets that come to the vet are dogs and cats, this is what most vets specialize in. Many have never handled or worked with a bird, a lizard, or another kind of animal you might own. You don't want to take your pet into an office when they have never seen or worked with that kind of animal before. You wouldn't go to an eye doctor when you have a dental issue, would you?

Our veterinary professionals are well-versed in the healthcare needs of exotic pets. We know the symptoms of less-common health conditions and how to address them. Our preventative approach to exotic animal care ensures that your unique companion lives a long and happy life.

Veterinarian in El Paso

It doesn't matter if you just added an exotic pet to your family, or you have had them for some time and have not had the opportunity to take them into a vet that specializes in their kind – our El Paso veterinary staff is here for you. From regular checkups to when emergency visits, our full-service animal hospital can help you and your pet with all of your needs. For more information about exotic pet care, the qualifications of our veterinarian, or the other services offered at our animal hospital, call us at (915) 855-4100.