Diagnostics at Desert East Animal Hospital

Are you looking for an animal hospital that values the health and wellness of your pet? That is exactly what you will find at Desert East Animal Hospital. Our main goal is to ensure that your pet is taken care of and gets the best treatment possible. We are the leading veterinary hospital in El Paso providing a wide array of veterinary care services for our patients.


We provide regular wellness services that can be scheduled days in advance as well as urgent care. During an emergency, you can count on us to provide quality care and compassion while treating your pet. We take care of different types of pets that include dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and occasionally reptiles.

Types of Services Offered at Desert East Animal Hospital

Our vets offer several veterinary services which include:

  • Annual shots
  • Dental care
  • Blood tests
  • Emergency care
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Wellness exams and diagnostics
  • Surgeries
  • Hospitalization

When you bring your pet into our clinic, we will provide an examination and discuss any issues that your pet may be experiencing. Diagnostic testing may be required to gather additional information. We have specialized equipment that can be used to help us develop a treatment plan for your pet. We also have very qualified and experienced technicians who offer technical support to our veterinarians during the diagnosis of your pet.

Pet Diagnostics

We use several medical tools to help us properly diagnose health conditions and provide treatment.

Digital X-rays and X-rays

One of the important tools in our clinic is x-ray technology. Digital x-rays allow us to view the organs of the body. They also help us in the diagnosis and monitoring of health conditions that require veterinary care. Digital x-rays are essential in identifying issues such as fractured bones, stomach obstructions, tumors, heart issues, and more. It is a fast, effective, and safe procedure to help your pet.

Eye Pressure Testing

This test is used to determine if your pet is suffering from glaucoma or low IOP, and anterior uveitis.

Blood Pressure Testing

Like in humans, blood pressure may either rise or drop due to several reasons. Blood pressure testing helps us detect certain health issues that are related to low or high blood pressure.

Lab Exams and Blood Tests

Some health conditions in pets cannot be detected unless a sample of your pet’s blood, mucus feces, urine, or saliva is collected and analyzed in a lab. Labwork is an essential tool used by veterinarians to help pets.

Veterinary Care in El Paso

If you live in or around El Paso, and your pet is experiencing a medical issue, bring him or her in to see one of our veterinarians at Desert East Animal Hospital. Call us today at 915-855-4100 to schedule an appointment.