Why Dental Hygiene is Important For Pets

Dental hygiene is very important for the overall health and wellbeing of pets because dental problems can lead to serious health issues. For this reason, a pet's teeth and gums need to be checked at least once a year by a veterinarian. At Desert East Animal Hospital, we have years of experience providing pet owners in El Paso with reliable pet dental care. 


Symptoms Indicating That Your Pet Needs to See a Dentist

If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, bring your pet to our animal hospital for dental care as soon as possible:

  • Broken or loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Retained baby teeth or extra teeth
  • Abnormal chewing or dropping food from the mouth while eating
  • Refusal to eat or reduced appetite
  • Discolored teeth covered with tartar
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Swelling of the mouth or areas surrounding it

Causes of Dental Issues in Pets

The most common dental conditions in dogs and cats include the following: 

  • Abscessed Pet Teeth: An advanced form of a tooth infection that is usually seen on the upper jaw. It is quite a dangerous condition because the infection can spread from the jaw throughout the entire body through blood vessels. 
  • Broken teeth: Pet teeth are broken quite often, especially in dogs. This may happen due to trauma (hit by a ball, car, or rock) or due to chewing hard things. 
  • Discolored teeth: If your pet's teeth become abnormal color, such as purple, grey, yellow, or brown, there is a high chance your pet is experiencing a significant dental health issue. There is a high chance that a discolored tooth is dead and is highly painful to your canine and cat. 
  • Cavities: Cavities are not as common in pets as in humans. However, they can still occur, especially in certain dog breeds. The most commonly affected breed is the German Shepard.
  • Worn teeth: Excessive tooth wear can lead to more serious health issues. In some cases, excessive chewing may indicate skin allergies. 

Veterinarian in El Paso

If you need pet dental care in El Paso, the veterinary professionals of Desert East Animal Hospital are ready to assist you. We will assess your pet’s dental health to identify and address any health issues they are experiencing. For more information on the importance of pet dental care or the various dental health services we offer, call us at (915) 855-4100.